Lovlit Presented at Orlando Tech Meet-up!

On Thursday, Joshua presented the Lovlit Candle to about two-hundred people from the Orlando tech community. The response was encouraging as many people engaged with him during and after the presentation with lots of questions and interest. We are currently following-up with people we met at the meet-up and hope to build connections with potential … More Lovlit Presented at Orlando Tech Meet-up!

Making Molds

Over the last few weeks we have been re-designing the Lovlit for production and have made significant changes to the design of the Lovlit Candle’s parts so that they can easily be manufactured. We have started making silicone molds to make our first 25 candles to help us refine the design for mass production. The … More Making Molds

Designing for Production

Hey All! Over the last month we have been diligently working to prepare for the Kickstarter campaign. Our goal is to build 25 Lovlit Candles to prepare for high-volume production. To achieve this, Joshua is now working on the Lovlit Candle full-time and we have increased our team size to five people. We’ve added two engineers … More Designing for Production

Early Contribution Report:

We want to extend a special Thank You to all of those that have contributed to help us through the first phase. We have been tremendously encouraged by the overall response. All together, you helped us meet our goal by raising $5,970. That is awesome! Thank you. Here are the winners for the early contribution raffle … More Early Contribution Report: