Early Supporters

This page recognizes the people who believed in and contributed to make the Lovlit Candle a reality.

Thank you

– Early Adopters –

Peter & Melissa VanNess

Don & Lou Ann Gagnon

John Fruits

– Platinum Contributors –

Martin & Nan Aurigemma

Stephanie Cross

– Gold Contributors –

Nick & Denice Zehler

Dan & Heather Roycroft

– Silver Contributors –

Jason & Jean Ladd

Scott & Jessica Steffan

Mike & Alexis Cross

Gerri Parker

Kimberly Naoumoff

– Early Supporters –

Mike & Kricket Moros

Butch Bragg

Taylor Burch

Jack Zehler

Zane & Shelby

Catherine Harwood

Marze Boersma

Deanna Fay Taylor

– Early Kickstarter Supporters – 

Gabriel Lapilli

Foroud Azimi