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Team Member Profiles

Vision Bearer and Lead Designer: Joshua – As the inventor, Joshua’s passion for this project keeps us going. After receiving his Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design from Georgia Institute of Technology, he founded Devise Designs, LLC; a product development firm.

Lead Electronics and Software Engineer: Bobby – As a research engineer with a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology, Bobby is our technology mastermind.

Marketing Specialist and Photographer: Stephanie – With her experience as a promotional model, a photography master, and a Photoshop wizard, Stephanie brings our team to another level.

Software Systems Engineer: Vincent – With his training as an Electrical Engineer the University of Central Florida, Vincent designs and creates embedded software systems for the aerospace industry. As our team’s “devil’s advocate”, he keeps us sharp.

Software Engineer: Stephanie – Currently a software engineer for a defense contractor, Stephanie’s directed her passion for programming and creating usable technology to develop our server backend and mobile application. She holds a Computer Science degree from University of Central Florida.

Project Adviser: Daniel Roycroft– Currently a project manager for large-scale projects in the aerospace industry with over fourteen years in product development and multiple degrees from Rochester Institute of Technology.

Project Adviser: Philip Ross – Inventor of Fonckel and founder of Studio Philip Ross, a design firm based in the Netherlands focused on interactive lighting products and environments.

Project Adviser: Dave Cross – A long-time entrepreneur, Dave has run his own companies in creative industries for over 18 years.